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books read before die

life changing books.

Hello, friends today I give you best 6 books name and it’s a short summary. This books you must read before it’s too late.

The books are the best friend of our life because it not lies us. I give best 6 books name and give you the reason why read before it’s too late. I say you read before it’s too late for that I mean to read it before you realize your life become meaningless and for those things that can’t happen at age of your youth days.

according to the survey, it proves that average C.E.O. read 12-20 books per month. why?. even world 2nd richest person Microsoft also told in one interview that books are a best friend and he read books more than he meets people. also, world 4th richest person Warren Buffet says that he never miss single book of Benjamin Graham. so, you think that why million read a book? why do they need to act? why they think books more important than people?.

I divide this books in 4 part and category.

a) 2 books for motivation.

b) 2 books for getting rich.

c) 1 book for make friendly nature.

d) 1 book for more focus on a goal.

and also 1 surprise book for you. read till the end for surprise book.

So, let’s start

category a) Books for motivation.

1)  The Power Of Subconscious Mind :

This is one of the best motivation book ever. because all type of motivation is starting from the mind and this is specially designed for it. This book tells about the power of our subconscious mind.

2)  7 Habits Of Highly Effective People :

This book is for best to know people what is in his mind and also some mind reading techniques. this also one type of motivational book.


category b) Books for getting rich.

1)  Rich dad poor dad :

This is the most famous book even you must listen to the name of this book in your life at least once. this book is especially for people thought. difference between successful people thoughts and failure thoughts.

2)  The 4 Hour Work Week :

This is book major focus on liability the author of this book works only 4 hours in a week and getting millions of dollars. So, this book says that you must focus on liability more than an expense because of liability are passive income.


category c) Book for a winning friendship.

1)  How to win friends and influence people :

This book not for only win friend but also for a businessman to deal with the vendor and customer. this book divides into 5 part and a most popular book of Dale Carnegie.


category d) Book for focus currier and family.

1)  The One Thing :

In our daily life, we manage our personal and professional life. This book tells about how to manage both successfully. because if we more focus on one we lose the second.


At last, as I say above in one surprise book the name of this book is Man’s Search For Meaning. 

This book mainly focuses on the meaning of happiness. this book learns us how to be happy and do work happily in any situation.

So, I suggest you that read all book summary or read it or listen to an audiobook before it’s too late means before age of 50.

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