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neurons of adult

Generally, since adult, it is believed that the memory of a growing age also diminishes. The brain cells are not evolving after the brain cells become weak or destroyed at an early age. This affects the capacity of the adult brain with a growing age. However, in a recent research, different results have emerged.

Commenting on the American University of Columbia University Associated Professor Mera Boltrein, it said that older adult people are more likely to die in the form of knowledge and emotional emotions. Not only that, healthy brain cells may also develop brain cells in the proportion of need. We have seen that the original cells of older people have the ability to create new neurons just like young ones. However, the issue of developing neurons in the brain has always been a debate among researchers.

This claim of being a new neuron after the brain has developed has been denied. Older people can work with their ability to use their own experience and resourcefulness, they can increase memory, they do not have to take with the development of neurons of the brain.

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