Why april fool day celebrated on April 1?1 min read

april fool

April fool Day

Every year on April 1, April Fool is observed Do you know, he is celebrated as the day of April Fool’s Day? Why was one day chosen to fool someone on April 1? So let’s know, about interesting things to celebrate April 1 as a fool’s day.

April Fool began with France. In 1582, Pop Gregory told every European country to leave the Julian calendar and walk in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. Due to this massive change, the new year started coming after 3 months. That is, according to the Gregorian calendar, the new year began to appear on April 1. People refused to believe this, but the new year was celebrated on 1 day.

In France, this day is celebrated as ‘Fish Day’. On this day, kids stick to each other’s backs to make paper fish.

Because of this, people who celebrate New Year in New York say ‘flower’ to people who celebrate the new year in April, which gradually spread throughout Europe.

People of Japan and Germany celebrate this day as ‘Prank’. The people of Switzerland celebrate this for 2 days.



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