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boost Instagram followers

according to my technique, you can boost Instagram followers. In this article, I give you 12 brand new technique which works in real life to grow on Instagram.

Here, boost Instagram followers tricks for you.

Before it, you need to clear some term like:

  • what is Instagram?
  • Instagram trading section.
  • why require more followers?
  • About Instagram followers.
  • My brand new 12 techniques.

What is Instagram?

boost Instagram followers
Instagram Logo







To, boost Instagram followers we know what is Instagram and how it works.

Instagram is a photo sharing social app. In Instagram, we can share Photos, videos and also share stories(short time photo).

So, you have a question about how it works? It is social media platform where all users are coming and meeting virtually. Instagram use the concept of Followers and following.

Who can view photo I share?

boost Instagram followers
boost Instagram followers


As Above Discuss, Instagram discusses the concept of Follower & Following.

Followers are the users who follow me.

Following are the users whom I follow.

As our Question who can view or like my photos. The users who follow me on Instagram Only view my photos. So, in short More Followers means more chance of likes on photos.


Instagram Trading Section.

instagram trading, boost Instagram followers
instagram trading

this is a trading section in Instagram. from here, you get most followers. While in below we talk about Instagram trading section consider this section. to view, this section goes in the search bar but can’t search anything.


Why Require more followers?

Instagram Followers, Boost Instagram Followers
About Instagram Followers

more followers mean

  • The more likes in my photos.
  • more population reach.
  • The more chance of growing your business.
  • more chance of getting a referral.
  • The more people know you.

So, Getting more Followers have many benefits of its own. also, some company may refer you to advertise her brands and product because you reach more people in social media.

Following means the people whom I follow. I can see only those uploaded photo whom I follow it called following.

About Instagram Accounts.

Boost Instagram Followers with business acccount, boost Instagram followers
About Instagram Personal Profile and business account


In a latest early update on Instagram March 2017 new business profile feature arrive.

Before this updated user creates an only profile account, not a business account. the main difference between them in business account user have more control analytics like no. of impressions, profile visitors count etc..

Instagram Business account, boost Instagram followers
Instagram Business account


So, growing on Instagram I suggest you make your profile business. this is not necessary to create profile business account but in my personal experience business account more chance to viral.

Before Starting my pro tip read my suggestion first!

Don’t use any third party website to boost followers on Instagram.

third-party websites like below:

Above some website which tells us they boost your followers. I strictly suggest you never use this website. because they store your password and your Instagram getting at risk.

There is also some website they get your password via login with Instagram phishing and sell in the market. so, never give your Instagram password to any website.

Boost Instagram Followers | My Tips

To, Boost Instagram Followers I have some idea which I personally use and experience.

1)  Make Your Profile Public.

Instagram private Profile remove, boost Instagram followers
Instagram private profile

Remove selected box shown in above picture.

As you know on Instagram two type of profile privacy. Private profile and Public profile.

Private Profile is a profile that can’t view by another user until not follow him. This is most use a normal person privacy on Instagram. because a person not like another user whom he not know can view his photo. so, private profile is most prefer by girls mostly.

Public Profile is a profile that anyone on Instagram can view your photos and videos uploaded by you.

The more people view your profile as follows you it means more chance to follow you via photos uploaded by you.

Also, Instagram has a trading program. Generally most of the population not aware of how Instagram trading program work.

Public Profile has a chance to trade your photo. and via that photo, more people are coming to follow you.

So, First Step to make your profile public (By Default it public).


2)  Upload More photos.

Instagram multiple photos, boost Instagram followers
boost Instagram followers

As I say above Instagram use the trading program. the more post means more chance to got your post in trading.

So, upload too many photos as possible. not even upload more photo also upload multi photos (new Instagram feature upload multiple photos in one post).

insta multiple photos, boost Instagram followers
boost Instagram followers

To, boost Instagram followers you require upload multiple photos.


3) Upload Only Hd Photos.

This also matters to get your post on trading. upload full HD photos as possible because it makes sense and general logic.

insta hd photo, boost Instagram followers

Suppose you the owner of Instagram. So, what you think about trading section of Instagram. You Generally think most clear and relevant photos are view other users on the trading section. it common sense Instagram prefer HD photo to trend.


4) Use Popular hashtags as possible.

hashtag Instagram, boost Instagram followers

A hashtag is one Instagram feature that allows to group related photos. means if you upload photo of any movie that you use #MOVIE_NAME so if another user searches that hashtag then they can view your post with the hashtag and you reach more population on Instagram.

Before using hashtags in your photo make sure that hashtag having too many followers. If that hashtag cross 20000 followers than that are good for use. Use too many possible hashtags.


5) Follow peoples.

follower list, boost Instagram followers

Yes, that looks odd but wait I clear it now. Now you need to follow people because generally people once get a notification that “” started following you than it more chance to he/she follow you back. once he/she follow you back after 3-4 days you unfollow her.


6) Follow “People You May Know” section suggestion.

This is the most important step to grow on Instagram. How? let me explain!

while you scrolling on Instagram you found that there are section People You May Know and you show horizontal scroll bar for that section. you really surprised that most of that peoples you probably know! How Instagram identify that? instagram use some method to identify.

People You May Know, boost Instagram followers

1.  Instagram generally traverse your mobile numbers. Instagram search your contact number in the search box and this process is in the background.

2. Instagram also search according to your follower and followings. suppose your name is A and you follow person B on Instagram. You follow B and B follow back You. now Instagram algorithm use subset method to identify you may know. First, check all your following. all users you follow Instagram check her following and collect all following data. after that subset, all following data and most common users pick up and view in you People You May Know section.


7) Follow celebrity as possible.

Verified Account, boost Instagram followers

Instagram allows a new feature that verifies celebrity account. bluetick just beside the username of celebrity is that proof this account is official.

This is an old trick but it works nowadays. how? let me explain!

You follow more celebrity as possible suppose you follow 150-200 celebrity than Instagram subset algorithm think that you are relative to that celebrity. and while other users follow that celebrity Instagram show your profile her “People You May Know” section because it found you in the subset. It magically Quick boost Instagram followers.

after follows celebrity you unfollow they after 2 hours. and next day retry this step. I guaranty you boost Instagram followers.

visit Indian business idea.

8) Instagram Story.

After the success of Snapchat, most of the social media copy snap chat Snap. Fist of all Instagram use this feature after Snapchat. Instagram Story.

instagram-stories-watching, boost Instagram followers

What is Instagram Story?

The Instagram story allows the user to upload a temporary photo which deleted automatically after 24 hours.  the main motive behind this feature user can share temporary happiness and moment on Instagram. and really this is a most successful feature. people lots of enjoying this feature.

Who can view my story?

Only the peoples follow you in Instagram can view your story. This statement is true only if your account is private. is your account is public than may chance to viral your story.

You can get followers via your story how? let me explain?

As above we discuss Hashtags in photo same concept is used in Instagram story Deeply describe in next step.


9) The story with a hashtag.

As you know we use a hashtag in our photos as well as with stories. Use the hashtag in your story relevant your photo.

story hashtag, boost Instagram followers
story hashtag

Ex. Suppose your story photo is with your best friend. You may use hashtag #BESTI, #FRIENDSHIPGOAL, #FRIENDFOREVER etc.. make sure you can use only 1 hashtag per story.

Also, you need to use the hashtag witch having more followers.

How hashtag use to Boost Instagram Followers?

While you use the hashtag in your story Instagram algorithm grouping your photo. Instagram group your photo with that Hashtag. while user search hashtag your story appear and more user searches that hashtag more chance to gain followers.


10) use location in your photo and story.

Hashtag-Location-Story, boost Instagram followers

location is the matter which type of followers you need. means area wise followers.

Suppose, you use the location of Time Square New York. you found that you get more follower in that location.

how to use location in photos and how it works?

insta location post, boost Instagram followers
Instagram location post


While you use location Instagram group your photo in that location. while other users search for that location they found your photo in that location. and more used locations more people search for that and you get more followers.

how to use location in Stories and how it works?

While you use location Instagram group your story area wise. In story user not search you location wise they found you in the relevant place. In search section topmost horizontal scroll you found first story group is your local area group. So, while you use the location of your local area then all viewers you get in your local area wise. because your story is grouped by area wise.


11) use caption in your story.

text story, boost Instagram followers
text story

Instagram business profile

Instagram mostly viral the user who connected most. means daily user more chance to grow. the caption is a text written by the user.

while you put the story. Instagram identify your photo and not found any text then Instagram intelligence find your story is according to quote and etc.. which not give more importance.

while you use caption Instagram found that you enjoy her future and text may happiness and other informative. Instagram found a story with caption more importance than the empty story.


12) make your profile business.

insta business profile, boost Instagram followers
boost Instagram followers

you require making your profile business it not must but should.

while Instagram found that your profile business than they try to identify you and more chance to grow and viral post.

Suppose, your profile become famous and more people visit your profile. If you not having a business profile then you not know how many impression you get. So, it also used to get insights on Instagram.


13) boost Instagram followers with facebook technique.

connect to fb, boost Instagram followers
connect to FB


In your Instagram journey at least once you found notification like “Your Facebook Friend Is Now On Instagram”. and most of the followers are coming from your Facebook account.

How this trick helps you?

  • you simply make a facebook account.
  • send a friend request as possible to active users.
  • accept all friend requests.
  • As you know Facebook allows 5000 friends. once you reach friend limit means make 5000 friends then connect your Instagram account to Facebook or login new Instagram account with Facebook.
  • you found most of the followers you gain from Facebook within a week.

You also create a group on facebook and share Instagram URL for follows you. but, this fewer chance users view and follow you.

Also, backlink awesome website.

Boost Instagram Followers Paid Technique.

promote Instagram, boost Instagram followers
promote Instagram

Some business has Quickly grown on Instagram without any work or effort then this is the best technique for those.

Instagram use Paid Promotion program in this they boost your profile more populations. You give some dollars for this. so, if you are the businessman and grow your business with Instagram you use this program Quick grow.

Laugh is art visit new article.

Who Unfollowed You On Instagram?

Here, I create one website which gives you detail below

  • List of all followers who follow me back.
  • All followers who not follow me back.
  • List of all followers whom I do not follow back.

I give you guarantee you not find this type website on the internet anywhere.

visit website:

If you Still any confusion about this topic then comment below.


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