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college life

college life is a wonder

College life this not just a word also emotionI say emotion means we live our life best movement in college.

So, in this intrusting topic, we discuss college life expectation. let’s start:

we discuss expectations :

Before college life means our 12 or 11 standards we expect some Expectations about college and we think something about college-

college days

We expect

  • college is not just college it is our second house.
  •  college more reliable than school.
  • become popular in college from the first days.
  • girlfriend for life.

We show in the movie the college life looks like gorgeous when is the college student has girlfriend boys and girls are too much close watch movie traveling on the single bike. this is nothing but the law of attraction. 

According to survey most of the college students expectation are girls most of the need girls as a friend best friend or girlfriend. 


I am also a college student and above expectations are my research. I am totally aware of this because I feel this in my college days. most of the college student has a crush on someone in the first year. But in my case, I have a crush on someone in the third year. I like her but I don’t know she like or not I scared to say that I like her and the awkward situation is that she has just beside of my roll number. So, in every exam, she sits exactly one bench before me. So, what I do see her or write my paper this looks like very awkward situation. now she, not mine and I also don’t take in mind I just saw her and really wish from a heart that she Live happy life if she happy I am also happy


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