Disha Patani got an offer to work in Akshay Kumar’s film1 min read

disha patani

Disha patani get’s an offer

disha patani is seen in Bollywood’s lesser films. But the lover has managed to convince viewers by working with Tiger Shroff in Baghi 2. Now it is being discussed that Direction got Akshay Kumar’s Housefull 4 offer.

If the story is true, then after the success of Baghi 2, Direction is getting offers of films with top actors. Akshay Kumar’s houseful 4 is also included. Though Kruti Senan is the main actress in the film, she has not yet decided on this offer.

Disha patani said in an interview that she is in a quandary over the issue that she does not have the chance to do Akshay Kumar’s work in the film. So he fears that the film’s limelight will go into the Senna’s account. So she can not make a decision about working in the film.

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