An Eco-Friendly vehicle with ‘all-wheel drive mechanism’1 min read


Eco-Friendly Vehicle

The second year of college 13 students prepares an eco-friendly vehicle at the end of 3 months of hard work.

The L.D. College of Engineering Second year of 13 students in the mechanical department prepares an eco-friendly vehicle at the end of three months of earnest effort. Designed under the guidance of Prof. Mahesh Panchal and D.U. Panchal, the specialty of this trick is ‘All-wheel drive mechanism’.

This vehicle, with 21 gear arrangement and both adjustable seats, is getting popularity among the people of the city. Designed for the purpose of pollution control, this vehicle is a novel invention of ‘Individual Different Gear Mechanism’. It enhances decorator lights such as head lights, tail lights, side lights, brake lights. Apart from this, its gaming steering makes it more attractive.

40-50kms Runs at speeds

This trick is a separate suspension system in all three wheelers of this vehicle, which provides excellent off-road driving experience. The tricycle with aerodynamic design runs at speeds of 40-50 kilometers per hour, and the seatbelt delivered to the three wheels and the seatbelt given to both drivers also assures their safety.


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