I did not take enough steps to protect the data of Facebook users, Sorry: Zuckerberg2 min read

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Facebook CEO Zuckerberg says Sorry

In the data theft case, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg is going to attend the US Congress. Earlier, Zuckerberg apologized to Facebook users saying that I did not take enough measures to protect the data of 8.7 million users. I apologize for that. Due to our error, users’ data has been misused.

We will make all efforts for the election of India

“Zuckerberg said,” After the American elections in 2016, our biggest priority is that Facebook takes care of the elections in the world. Data for us and elections abroad are the main issues, it is our responsibility to properly call. ” We will make all efforts to secure this election.”


Mark Zuckerberg is going to appear before Congress for the first time in a case of data theft. Before that, Facebook released this apology. Zuckerberg, in a clear word of seeking an apology in writing, said in broad perspective, we did not properly fulfill our obligations and that was a big mistake. I apologize for that. I started Facebook only and I only brought it to this place. However, we could not prevent Facebook being wrong and inappropriate. Fake news, foreign interference in elections, and hat spit are many issues.


Russia accused of attacking the system

Zuckerberg accused Russia of “saying there are people in Russia whose job is to take advantage of our system, other Internet systems, and other system attacks.”


What did Zuckerberg write in an apology letter?

– Zuckerberg wrote that we missed our responsibility.
– Before appearing before the Senate committee, the Committee of the American Representative Committee issued the original copy of the written apology letter to Zuckerberg. In which Zuckerberg wrote that I started Facebook. so, It is very clear that we did not do the necessary work to stop such tools, which caused damage.

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