The TV actress, who is away from her husband, Do not want to be pregnant Even after 6 years of marriage2 min read

Neha marda

The TV actress  Neha Marda is a comeback after three years


3 years later, Neha Marda is ready to make a comeback on TV. He said that working with Rajshree Productions was a dream for him. After a recent visit, Neha shared information about her professional and personal life.

Some Question Answer with her let’s see below.


 Neha Marda Have you been married for 6 years, are you concentrating on family planning?

-> Like every girl, I want to be a mother, but I have taken many responsibilities right now. Who will still see a lot of time to complete Being a mother is a big responsibility.


You live in Mumbai and in Patna, do you have problems with long distance relationships?

-> Long distance relationship is doing a good job for me (smile), if seriously, we are from generation to generation. We need our space. I am not saying this because we were not with 30 days, although in reality. Instead of getting over, long distance relationships are working well.


You have not hesitated to pick this project, because this is already anon and you did a lead role in the last show?

->  Neha Marda: See, at the same time, it’s important for you to act as an actor that you are different about the two shows. I am playing a new Bela in my serial ‘Piya Albela’, so I know that the serial will advance only after my entry. I’m not replying anyone and I’m a second lead in the show. My character is important to advance the story’s story. I was not part of the first episode of this show, but you do not know – I can see that I’m working until the end of the show. (Then laugh).


You took a break from the TV for three years, how did you prepare yourself for such a long holiday?

-> Neha Marda: As an actor, I have taken the responsibility to use my talent to bring more creative people forward. I have taken the responsibility of bringing the people of Bihar out of this ideology. I am also opening an academy in Patna so that people will see an estimate for the glamor industry. Those who are creative but can not come to Mumbai due to money, they can learn there. My Academy will help them. This is an NGO that works for the people of Bihar to get into the glamor industry. I will get money from my other plans. I am getting a train from different parts of Patna.

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