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Big Accident in Korea

36 passengers died in a bus crash in North Korea. There were 32 Chinese and 4 Korean civilians. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lo Cong said on Sunday that 32 Chinese people died in a bus accident in North Korea’s Yeongi province. Due to bad weather and road repairs in local reports, the possibility of this tragedy has been expressed.


The cause of the incident is not yet known.

Lo Cuong said that the cause of the accident is not known at present. The incident is under investigation. A total of 36 people have died in the tragedy.

According to media reports, police and security agencies evacuated people in the debris after the accident.


Over 1 lakh Chinese tourists in North Korea.

– China’s long borders get from North Korea. There is a business relationship between the two countries. According to Simon Cockrell, owner of North Korea’s Personal Travel Agency, there are approximately 1 lakh tourists coming from China each year. Furthermore, only 4 to 5 thousand tourists come from other countries.


A strict rule for tourists.

According to CNN, there are strict rules for tourists other than China. That is why there are very few tourists from other countries here. It is inevitable to take a guide to travel to North Korea.
Apart from this, there are many other rules, due to which people are afraid to come here.



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