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Saudi Arabia people will enjoy a theatre after 35 years of time. Saudi Arabia is towards change due to King’s son Salman. Under which the first theater will start in Saudi Arabia on April 18 after a long period of 35 years. The first cinema house to be opened in Riyadh is being planned. Saudi Arabia,  Last year the rock on the cinema taking liberal action was lifted. The world’s largest film theater series, MMC Entertainment, has been given the first license to run cinemas. The American company will launch more than 40 cinemas in 15 cities of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia people will enjoy fun after 35 years

Let us tell you that there were cinemas in Saudi Arabia in the 1970s. But the powerful men of that time closed it. MMC’s Chief Executive Officer Adam Arrow said: there is no gender discrimination in the movie theater. which means that there is no restriction on the bride and groom. However, he said that some films will be held for single-gender ie only for women or men.

In Saudi Arabia, The step to open cinemas again is part of the modern campaign raised by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. who works on the plan to increase the cost of oil in the era of oil prices. The people of Saudi Arabia are the wizards of Western media and culture. Hollywood films and television series are being seen on the houses.

Also, being discussed, even though there is a ban on cinemas.

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