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Feature is Notch

Here, day by day all company lunch at least one smartphone with the notch-display.

After iPhone 10 this become popular.

Every day at least one new smartphone launch with this design.

iPhone is the best brand for selling and unique functionality. most of the mobile company wait for new iPhone launch for copy design same as Apple.

December, while Apple officially launches iPhone 10 with this design that time not any other company having notch’s-mobile design. but, after apple, most of the company think about this design and apply.

List of all notch-smartphone

  • Huawei P20 series
  • Asus ZenFone 5 and 5Z
  • Leagoo S9
  • Oukitel U18
  • LG G7 (Neo)
  • Sharp Aquos S3
  • Oneplus 6 (Not launched)

Above, all mobile phone launched after iPhone 10 launch.

notch mobile design

Nowadays Apple becomes a brand that every company just copy the design of iPhones.

you can simply view notch in above image. Show image Wallpaper Preview text’s upper part. both side of the front camera.

This is a part of the mobile in above display. This part looks like a new shape that covers both sides of the front camera into the display. normally, mobile display covers 80% part of front side mobile and with this design 90% part of the display.

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