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Why Teenager Fall in love quickly and easily?

In This Intrusting love Topic, We Discuss Why Teenager Fall In Love Easily ? and In The Age Of Study And Currier.

In This Article, I Give Some My Opinion About it and after that some other masters opinion about this major problem of youngsters and last discuss the solution to it. So, Lets Start:

What happen?

So, The Problem is Nowadays teenagers fall in love school time. This is Law Of Attraction But, Why?. What happened in our time means at age of 13-17 we study in school we even don’t aware of true loves. we show only loves story in the movie, not in real life or show in very rare cases (I consider Our now age is 27-40).

Nowadays around 70% Teenagers are fall in love with the age of 14-17 means in school time. and they think that they can’t leave without each other. they also think that loves is more important than study and currier. Why they don’t think about currier they mad to get each other.

So, What happened that most of the relationship does not become successful married life because of misunderstanding. traffexchange have some research about it.

Falling in love

Falling in love is more powerful and all-consuming.While kids may be thinking a lot about sex, and as parents, we worry the most about sex, it is only one part of falling in love.

Is the problem?

In The Teenager age, they fall in loves and don’t focus on the study. So, they give love more important than study and currier. and suppose they successfully married life or live with each other.

we do have to agree that it’s probably a different kind of love than what you feel when you’re older.

because you fall in love with your first boyfriend, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be with him forever.

Above is My opinion.

For Other Experience Persons told that from what little I’ve seen in counseling, the majority of dating adolescents in high school do not fall in loves. They don’t experience in a single relationship that magical match that includes: sexual attraction.

Is It Love Or Just a Crush?

You must know what is love. because sometimes it looks like love but it’s only crushing. crush means you like her but don’t love her. So, In this situation, you simply tell her about your crush and if she replay positive than Congo and negative then move on.

Has anything changed?     In modern pop songs, young people still sing about their crushes, unrequited loves, and romantic break-ups; about feeling awkward, unsure, in despair, overwhelmed, joyous and inspired, although these days the sexual imagery is much more obvious. And it can appear that the tender feelings of first loves are at odds with today’s world of ‘out there’ sexuality.


Moving On

Losing love can be painful for anyone. Before you want it to, feelings of loss can seem overwhelming.  There’s a reason why they call it a broken heart.

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