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What does every girl think about boys? it is the highest asked question by teenagers. Hey guys, Many of our fans asking about what does every girl think about boys? how to impress any girl?

What girl think about boys?

It is the biggest problem of today’s generation that they don’t know the mindset of a girl. so here we come with 10 things a girl think about a boy. So guys, Note down that points and be ready to change yourself!

 10. Confidence

confidence - girl think about boys

Girls like guys who are confident. If you don’t like yourself, how is she supposed to like you? Even if you’re super hot, rich, smart But without confidence, you are just No Brainer. Stop believing you’re out of her league and start believing that you have lots to offer to a potential soulmate.


9. Intelligent

intelligent - girl think about boys

Being intelligent makes the men more interesting. Girls like guys with brains. Understand her social justice and try to have an appetite for deeper movies. Read a bit more than the sports news. Not just guys who are lumps of meat, Therefore, less cliche. Have something else to talk about besides getting drunk over the weekend.


8. Sportsmanship

sportsmanship - girl think about boys

Girls like guys who dominate at sports. Dominating at chess, the guitar or video games will never be as cool as being awesome at sports. There’s just something about a guy in his sweaty glory taking out his opponent. It gives girls the chills. It’s a true fact that sports boys are more likely to be attracted to girls.


7. Good Sense Of Humor

sense of humor - girl think about boys

Girls like guys who have a sense of humor. Are you funny bunny? who doesn’t? But that’s not mean to say you should go out and learn heaps of bad jokes just to use them as pick-up lines. That would only get you this “I’m Leaving”. A good sense of humor is plus point for a boy. understand the situation, being a good human, being kind are some example to be more attractive and more chance to get a soulmate.


6. Money

money - girl think about boys

Yes, you read it right! money matters. Not everywhere but somewhere.  Girls like guys who are loaded with the money. But that doesn’t mean that all girls are shallow and want guys only for their money. It just means that they want a guy who can take care of business like a boss. As long as You have enough money to provide her chocolates and even more chocolates, She’ll be happy.


5. Leadership

leadership - girl think about boys

Girls like guys who take charge and are decisive. It shows you are the leader and you are not afraid to make any decisions. It also shows that you are willing to take responsibility if something goes wrong. This one doesn’t work with many boys because many girls don’t wanna rely on guys all the time! The boys who leader are more likely to be attracted to girls.


4. Emotionally Strong

emotionally strong - girl think about boys

Girls like guys who are emotionally strong. It doesn’t mean that you have to be emotionless. She needs to know that you won’t have an outburst if she broke your favorite thing.


3. Word Keeper

word keeper - girl think about boys

Girls like guys who can keep their word. If you promise her for something, don’t break it. If you have to be somewhere, be there on time. If you’re gonna do something, then do it. Girls are willing to get the boyfriend who always keeps his words.


2. Follow Your Dreams

follow your dreams - girl think about boys

Girls like guys who always follow their dreams. The guys who chase after big dreams are more likely to girls. People who lose aren’t losers until they quit. Don’t ever stop dreaming and don’t ever stop trying.


1. Never Be Arrogant

never be arrogant - girl think about boys

If you don’t want to let her go, don’t be an arrogant prick. Rather than an attractive quality, never being arrogant to her. Don’t treat your mates like crap or object. If anything that shows she has self-worth, then you should be happy that she’s going out with you because it means she really likes you, not because she is desperate to let you down.

So guys, keep that list in your mind and follow it and get ready to found your soulmate.


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