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Twitter – A New Way To Share Live Video.

Tomorrow officially twitter introduce a new feature that user can share live video with Timestamp.

Twitter is one of the famous social media apps.  Day by day it grows and a number of user increase. Now easily Tweet that full moment of what matters from longer, live videos.

Before in twitters live video not show in perfect time. The full live video is posted after that finished. there is difficulty to comment on the live video at a specific time. So, Twitters team thought about it and introduce a new feature.

Now While live video on that same time twitters post video live. Means user can play, pause, rewind video while you are live. Also, user/viewer can post a comment on specific movement and specific time. People have always used it to talk about the things they experience. The Twitters new feature name is Timestamp it collects perfect time to time information.

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