H-1B visa applications will be accepted between rigorous scrutiny1 min read

h-1b visa

US H-1B visa process

The H-1B visa application process in the US is starting on Monday. This is the highest demand for high skilled Indian workers. The Trump Administration has made several changes to this visa regimes this time, as part of this visa applicants will face strict scrutiny.

The process for starting H-1B visas for tomorrow is from October 1 to 2019. Those who already have this visas, they also apply for a large number of people for this visa. However, the Trump Administrator has recently made a rule that the H-1B visa holders’ partner cannot work in the United States.

Currently, H-1B visa holders are given H-4 visas. H-4 visa holders can not work in the United States until they reach the US under this visa until they reach an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). EAD is a type of work permit, but not every this visa holder’s partner can apply for H-4. Those who are involved in the process of getting a green card, their spouse can apply for H-4 only.

Keeping this in view, the H-4 EAD Visa Holder is in search of new options, including this type of visas. Notably, the American Congress appoints only 65 thousandths visas every year.

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